Two new vitamins have recently been discovered. These vitamins are the key to preventing “aging” in the human body.

These two previously unknown vitamins enable the cells in the human body to function as they properly should. Aging, as we know it, is actually a vitamin deficiency disease. These two vitamins are the cure.

Vitamins are known to affect multiple areas of health. Lack of a necessary vitamin eventually results in a deficiency disease. Aging can now properly be called “Vitamins MePiA & MePA deficiency disease.”

Dr. Gerald E. Aardsma discovered vitamin MePA in November of 2015, following decades of intense research. Hundreds of individuals have been taking that vitamin since September 2017. Many and varied health benefits have already been reported. These benefits include increased rate of healing, better sleep, reduction in headaches/migraines, lowered insulin doses for diabetes, increased heart function, relief of asthma, greater psychological stability, and much more. Like other vitamins, vitamin MePA is proving to affect multiple areas of physical and mental health.

Vitamin MePiA was discovered in July of 2019. Lab tests have shown this second vitamin to have life-lengthening results with both fruit flies and mice. This vitamin is an antioxidant, which fits in very well with a prominent theory of aging by a well-known scientist, Denham Harman (MD, PhD).

Dr. Aardsma used super-longevity data found in the early chapters of Genesis, to construct the model that ultimately led to the discovery of these two vitamins. The biblical account is shown to be absolutely accurate and its long life spans are shown to be real.

Vitamins MePA and MePiA were present in the water humans drank prior to Noah’s Flood. After the flood, these two vitamins were gradually lost from drinking water. Consequently, life spans eventually reduced to what we have come to regard as normal today.

Elderly individuals who begin to supplement these two anti-aging vitamins in their diets can now begin to slowly regain their youthfulness, while quickly beginning to experience various health benefits. Dr. Aardsma’s research indicates that it takes twelve calendar years of supplementation of these vitamins to turn the clock back one year on aging.

The anti-aging vitamins are available to anyone who would like to obtain them. Both vitamins are available in one convenient dropper bottle. Instructions can be found  here.

To fully understand the path that has led to this discovery, it is necessary to read a set of four books:
  1. A New Approach to the Chronology of Biblical History from Abraham to Samuel. (Now available as a free pdf download.)
  2. The Exodus Happened 2450 B.C.
  3. The Flood Happened 3520 B.C.
  4. Aging: Cause and Cure. (Available as a free pdf download.) Also, the Addendum to Aging: Cause and Cure is available as a free download.


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