Until the FDA gives the green light to sell Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins, they are available for free, in one convenient dropper bottle (with a suggested gift of $29.95 per bottle).

Order Form
To obtain the Anti-Aging Vitamins, print a PDF order form here and follow the instructions on the form.
USPS Mailing Label
If you would like a trackable order, you can visit this link and follow the instruction to print a pre-paid postal label.
1.) What is the basic process for getting the vitamins?
Follow the instructions on the printable order form. Mail it in to the address below, along with a gift if you choose, and the vitamins will be mailed to you.
2.) Who do I make my gift check out to?
“The Biblical Chronologist”
3.) What address do I mail the label to?
The Biblical Chronologist
301 E Jefferson Street
Loda, IL  60948
4.) I don’t have a way to print the order form. Any other way to get the vitamin?
Yes. Clearly print your name and address on an index card and mail it to the address above. Include $7.75 in stamps and a gift if you choose. The vitamins will be mailed to you.