In-depth information about the discovery of two new vitamins

Have you ever felt helpless as you watched a loved one suffer and die due to aging? Do you dread the aging process in your own body?

The question of how to prevent aging and extend human lifespans is a topic of intense research activity today. Why do our bodies begin to break down after only a few short decades of life? All investigators admit the problem is one of extreme difficulty.

This book will show you, step by step, what aging is, and what the specific cure is.

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The Authors

Dr. Gerald Aardsma and Dr. Matthew Aardsma, a father and son team of research scientists, tackle the problem of aging from an angle unexplored by other scientists, enabling them to succeed where others have failed. 

Reader Reviews

Aging: Cause and Cure, First Edition

"This book explains why people all over the world ought to begin taking two newly discovered vitamins. It would take hundreds of years to prove that they allow a modern person to live in good health for hundreds of years, of course, but those of us who have been taking them (since July 2017, in my case) report promptly experiencing significant health benefits without any harmful side effects. Every anti-aging product on the market promises to promote physical health, but this book also reveals that these vitamins are unique..."
"Reading 'Aging: Cause and Cure' was a riveting experience for me. It contains a new concept that was discovered through an ancient source. Dr. Aardsma is a qualified scientist who has spent the majority of his career in pursuit of this elusive idea. His extensive knowledge and expertise on the subject is immediately evident to the reader. The book is written such that a casual reader may finish it with ease, but with the scrupulousness and citations that the scientific and academic community expect and value. I would encourage readers to begin with an open, critical mind. What the author presents is unprecedented for our current world, but is completely logical, and scientifically sound. Dr. Aardsma makes his case simply, honestly, and with ample evidence."
"This book completely changed my paradigm about aging. It is an excellent condensation of years of research, informative but concise. The research presented here is of great importance, and should be thoughtfully considered."
"Reading this book was a crazy experience. I was familiar with the possibility of extending human lifespans, but I had no idea what that could actually look like. The author does a great job taking you through the research process in detail, one step at a time, so you truly understand the conclusions. I highly recommend 'Aging: Cause and Cure'. This book will change the world."
"Dr. Aardsma spent his life researching the events around the time of Noah's flood. In his book 'Noah's Flood Happened 3520 B.C.' he discovers a mathematically viable version of the flood. With other biblical data, he concluded the end of human longevity was directly related to events caused by the flood. Aardsma was able to use his findings to pinpoint (the newly discovered vitamins), which he believes is the missing cure for aging. His theoretical research is very strong support for his findings."

Methylphosphinic Acid and Methylphosphonic Acid

(note for context: "Vitamin C" is Ascorbic Acid)

The Vitamins

Aging: Cause and Cure reveals two newly discovered vitamins which are no longer naturally available today. Like all of the previously known vitamins, they appear to be necessary for optimal health and well being. Ongoing research continues to demonstrate the extreme importance of daily supplementation of these vitamins in the human diet. 

Patent Granted for Vitamin MePA

The U.S. patent office issued a patent to Dr. Aardsma for Vitamin MePA on December 15, 2020. Vitamin MePA was the first of the two new vitamins to be discovered.