Edith and Phil

Edith and Phil are Dr. Aardsma’s aunt and uncle. Edith mailed the following testimonial with her re-order of Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamin MePA Dietary Supplement on August 15, 2018. She and Phil began taking Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamin MePA Dietary Supplement at 1 drop (2 ug MePA) per day about a month earlier. Edith was 80, and Phil was 90 years old at the time. This is the first report of the effect of vitamin MePA on brain damage.

Well, it is about time I ordered more MePA.

Let me tell you our experience with MePA.

Phil had a stroke, or could be the results of radiation in the brain from treatment of a pituitary tumor ten years ago, we do not know. Anyhow, Phil is more talkative and he makes more sense since being on MePA.

Me? I sleep better, and my indigestion is not as bad.

Looking forward to all the good things to come from MePA.