by Gerald Aardsma; November 27, 2018

Many users of Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamin MePA Dietary Supplement report increased energy levels soon after starting on the vitamin. Here are some examples, listed from youngest to oldest.

  1. Araceli [34 years old]:

    “More energy throughout the day. States she started feeling sluggish again, then realized she had forgotten to take the vitamin for 3 days. Energy returned quickly once she started the vitamin again.”

  2. Jennifer [41 years old]:

    “I felt like I was sleeping pretty well overall and had pretty high energy levels on one drop per day which I started March 12.”

  3. Steve [41 years old]:

    “Within a few weeks he noticed that he was sleeping more soundly and had more energy each day. It had been quite common in the past for him to say how tired he was in the afternoons and evenings. After starting to take the vitamin, he had more energy to stay up and have conversations late into the evening and rarely complained about being tired.”

  4. Joey [53 years old]:

    “Sleeping 4–5 hours, feeling refreshed and energetic. I plan my early morning and late evening hours differently since I have the energy and motivation to work, study, read more.”

  5. Sonya [54 years old]:

    “Continues to sleep well and feel energetic. She had the kitchen remodeled. Contractor did the skilled work; Sonya and the boys did the rest. She said prior to the vitamin she would not have had the energy to do the work, especially painting the ceilings.”

  6. Frank [late 50s]:

    “Feels more energetic; does not get fatigued.”

  7. Steve [58 years old]:

    “States his energy level has increased very much after 3 days. States he wakes up early, works all day, goes to bed late and has not taken any of his usual naps.”

  8. Gigi [59 years old]:

    “I was [now] feeling much more rested and had so much more energy during the day.”

  9. Albee [61 years old]:

    “He coaches college girls’ softball and the other coach pointed out to the players how Albee’s energy has picked up. (The other coach does not know about the vitamin.)”

  10. Pres [63 years old]:

    “Sleeping more soundly. Feels more “energetic.” “

  11. Norma [64 years old] and Jim [67 years old]:

    “Both of us are heart patients. We have both found the level of exhaustion after extended activity to be less than before. After recovering from leukemia, Jim found that keeping himself busy for a day would leave him totally wiped out for 3–4 days. Now he is tired in the evening but ready to begin again the next day.”

  12. Birdie [86 years old]:

    “When asked about her experience taking Vitamin MePA, Birdie sent this message: When I take it regularly it gives me so much more energy …

  13. Former missionary couple in their 90s:

    “After 3 days he was able to walk to the mailbox (something he had not been able to do for a long time) and told his daughter his energy is increased.”


It appears that vitamin MePA increases energy levels in many individuals. This is one of the most often reported and prompt changes, occurring within just a few days of starting on the vitamin.