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Some questions and answers concerning the Anti-Aging Vitamins

Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins dietary supplement contains two newly discovered, previously unknown, vitamins. The two vitamins are methylphosphonic acid (MePA) and methylphosphinic acid (MePiA). These two compounds are the sole active ingredients. Inactive ingredients are distilled water and a very tiny amount of ethyl alcoholDr. Gerald Aardsma

The evidence strongly indicates that the answer is yes, the vitamins can make an individual physiologically younger. Much of the currently available evidence is based on a computer model of human aging before, during, and after Noah’s Flood. The model was constructed by Dr. Gerald Aardsma using the inputs of biblical lifespan data found in the book of Genesis (when was an individual born and how long did they live) and a correct understanding of the geophysical Flood mechanism. The results of the computer model indicated that during Noah’s Flood the environmental abundance of the vitamins was increased, and Noah’s lifespan was increased by an estimated 224 years as a result. This means that Noah grew physiologically younger during and for some time after the Flood due to receiving adequate amounts of the anti-aging vitamins. Anecdotal evidence from individuals taking the anti-aging vitamins supports the results of the computer model, with reports of a gradual return to a more youthful physiological function following supplementation with the vitamins. This is actually not a novel concept; people who have vitamin deficiency diseases are generally able to heal from those diseases when the proper amount of the needed vitamin is reintroduced into their diets. According to the data, healing of aging is a very slow process, taking approximately twelve years to turn the clock back one year on aging. Therefore, prevention of this disease is of utmost importance. Dr. Matthew Aardsma

No, there are no vitamins that yield immortality. The anti-aging vitamins are just like any other vitamins in that they supply specific molecules that your body needs to stay healthy in specific ways over a long period of time. Traditionally accepted vitamin deficiency diseases, such as pellagra or scurvy, are marked by a gradual loss of physiological function over time that will eventually be fatal if the missing vitamin is not restored to the diet in time. What we know as the typical “aging” process is simply the body slowly breaking down in the absence of some needed vitamins. The physiological degeneration of “old age” can therefore be prevented by restoration of the anti-aging vitamins to the diet. If adopted globally this would eliminate “aging” as the leading cause of death, but does not guarantee that people will live forever as there are, of course, many aging-independent causes of death in the world. Dr. Matthew Aardsma

A number of vitamins are acids. For example, vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Concentrated acids can be harmful in some instances, but Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins dietary supplement contains only very dilute acids, not concentrated acids. The acids it contains are, like vitamin C, essential to your health, not harmfulDr. Gerald Aardsma (Read the Anti-Aging Vitamins fact sheet here.)

When taken as directed, Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins dietary supplement appears to be free of negative side effects. Dr. Gerald Aardsma (Read the Anti-Aging Vitamins fact sheet here.)

You should take vitamins MePiA and MePA daily for the rest of your life. Your body needs to be supplied with all of the vitamins continuously, on a daily basis. A balanced diet will supply all of the vitamins except these anti-aging vitamins. MePiA and MePA are no longer naturally available in any known food or drink. It is essential that you continue to supplement your diet with these two vitamins on a daily basis to provide your body with the MePiA and MePA it needs for normal maintenance, growth, and development . Dr. Gerald Aardsma (Read the Anti-Aging Vitamins fact sheet here.)

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