by Gerald Aardsma; February 15, 2018

A number of those supplementing Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamin MePA Dietary Supplement have reported unexpectedly rapid healing due to the vitamin.

I reported on my own first experience with rapid healing in Aging: Cause & Cure.

Another improvement is that we seem to heal more quickly. For example, I developed very sore muscles in my back between my shoulder blades, and opposite that on my front side, from a bunch of heavy lifting I had to do, on top of some unusual hand pulling of plants I had been obliged to tackle in the garden. The pain was of the sort which takes your breath away. I took nothing for the pain, and I did not treat the sore muscles in any way, which is pretty standard practice for me. I went to bed expecting to lose a lot of sleep due to pain whenever I rolled over. From years of previous experience, I expected at least three days of pain, followed by a week or two of slow healing of residual soreness. What happened is that I slept better than expected, and I woke up with only slight twinges of pain left. By that afternoon, even those were gone.

My second experience with rapid healing came in August, 2017. I had been using Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamin MePA Dietary Supplement for one and three quarter years by that time.

Helen and I both played tournament badminton in our teens, representing our respective high schools. We kept our rackets for years, though we seldom found any opportunity to use them. Once we were both taking vitamin MePA, we began to feel the urge to play badminton once again. We set up a net and court in the backyard, and played competitively, mainly as doubles against our late-teenage/young adult sons or against our daughter and son-in-law. We would play for several hours at a time on still evenings before the sun went down. We were pretty amazed that we could do this at all, and even more amazed that we would wake up the next morning with no soreness whatsoever.

I described a slight badminton injury I received during this time in an August 12 e-mail to a friend.

I think MePA speeds the rate of healing by something like a factor of five. I recently brutalized the end of my little finger on my right hand playing badminton. My knee went down on top of the [grip] end of the racquet, with my little finger gripping the racquet and trapped underneath. The end of the finger immediately showed purple under the skin, looking at the time like the start of a large blood blister, and it immediately swelled up, like a typical sprain. That was two days ago. I expected throbbing pain overnight, but there was none. There was no pain the next day, and the swelling was pretty much gone. Today, looking at it, you would hardly know the finger had been injured. The only clue is slight residual purple around the base of the nail, and some pain if I squeeze the finger.

Four other vitamin MePA user experiences of rapid healing, taken from testimonials or progress reports, follow.

“After I started taking MePA and while waiting for my September appointment at Duke, I was already in good health and did not notice any remarkable change in my health, with only one or two possible exceptions. When I went to see the solar eclipse in August, I got sunburned, and I was surprised that it did not hurt at all. I also suspect some improvement in healing time. I accidentally jabbed a sharp stick into the palm of my hand. Today, less than four weeks later, the wound is barely detectable as a faint scar.”

“At his 2 week follow up for fractured wrist, the orthopedist told Sonya he was surprised how much “bone was laid down.” Sonya asked if the cast could come off. He hesitated and said, “If something went wrong, somebody would be in trouble.” She did not push too hard, but basically he was telling her the bones were healed, but he was afraid of a lawsuit since the standard for a fracture is 6 weeks.”

“In November, Steve fell on the stairs while carrying our 11-month-old son. Steve whacked his knee pretty badly. Steve felt ill and a little faint from the pain immediately after the fall. From past experience, he expected it to swell up and hurt pretty badly for the next few days. It did not swell up at all, although it caused him some pain that evening. The next day it felt fine. He was quite surprised.”

“I did want to tell you that she had a minor surgery on her hand about two weeks ago. She had her stitches out today and asked her doctor about how the incision looked. The doctor was very impressed and said it had healed “fantastic”. Gigi is very happy about this because with diabetes and poor heart function, healing has been notoriously difficult for her the last few years.”


It appears that vitamin MePA speeds healing.