Joey Contreras, Sr. Family and Friends

(Vitamin MePA Only)

Joey is a Physician’s Assistant medical professional. Joey has been informing family and friends about vitamin MePA and keeping track of their experiences with it. The following reports were written by Joey unless otherwise noted. You can read Joey and Sonya’s personal testimonials here.

 Helen: 81 years old; start date 21 OCT 2017.

29 October 2017.

Has had “kidney pain” for 2–3 years; this pain has been gone for about 1 week. (Her doctor told her it was not kidney pain, but it is back pain)

No change in right jaw pain; started several weeks ago.

No other significant changes.

26 November 2017; 2 drops daily.

Continues to sleep more soundly. Family continues to notice how well she sleeps. Back pain has not recurred. No change in jaw pain.

She asked me, “How do I get more of this vitamin?”

21 February 2018; 2 drops daily.

Back pain has not recurred. Continues to sleep soundly, feeling more rested.

Had cough and cold and probably bronchitis for about three weeks in December and January by her description and treatments given of steroid injection and nebulizer treatments. She made full recovery with no sequlae.

Albee: 61 years old; start date 15 OCT 2017.

29 October 2017.

Feeling more energetic past 1 week. He said the feeling came on suddenly.

Previously able to do 6–7 push-ups. Did 16–17 push-ups without difficulty. Now doing 20 push-ups regularly without problem.

Had hip replacement almost 2 years ago, he is not sure if he is more energetic because hip is improving recently or if due to vitamin MePA, though he thinks it is the vitamin.

He feels he has the energy and motivation to start working out again at the gym.

He coaches college girls’ softball and the other coach pointed out to the players how Albee’s energy has picked up. (The other coach does not know about the vitamin.)

21 February 2018; 2 drops daily.

Still feeling energetic and sleeping well. Hip replacement 2016 is doing well. He is back competing in fast pitch softball at the national and world level, not to the standard he places on himself, but well enough to compete.

His hip feels tight if he “overworks it.” The orthopedic surgeon told him that feeling is normal. He does yoga regularly to help keep his hip stretched, which also helps. He believes it is the vitamin that is doing the most good for him.

Joshua: 13 years old; start date 16 OCT 2017.

29 October 2017.

No noticeable changes.

He broke his right wrist in 2 places 1 week ago. When the doctor set the bones in the office he said he does not give pain medications to children to set the bone because they do not need it; the nurse afterwards said the same thing, but the children usually wince. She was surprised he showed no sign of pain. Joshua said he could feel what the doctor did, but it did not hurt. Not sure if it is his pain tolerance or the vitamin. He did have pain from the break and for 2 days afterwards, controlled with over-the-counter ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

He goes in next week for another x-ray to confirm the bones did not shift; I am interested to see if there is any healing. Doctor said he would be in a cast for 6 weeks.

26 November 2017; 1 drop daily.

At his 2 week follow up for fractured wrist, the orthopedist told Sonya he was surprised how much “bone was laid down.” Sonya asked if the cast could come off. He hesitated and said, “If something went wrong, somebody would be in trouble.” She did not push too hard, but basically he was telling her the bones were healed, but he was afraid of a lawsuit since the standard for a fracture is 6 weeks.

21 February 2018; discontinued vitamin once cast was removed.

Final appointment with orthopedic doctor to have cast removed said Joshua laid down much more bone than normal