Joey Contreras, Jr.

(Vitamin MePA Only)

Joey Contreras, Jr. is Dr. Aardsma’s son-in-law, married to Dr. Aardsma’s youngest daughter, Rachel. The following report was written by Rachel.

September 9, 2018

Joey has now been on MePA for about 6 months. He was 26 years old when he started taking one drop daily in water at dinner. He is 27 now.

We didn’t expect any real change. He is young, healthy, sleeps deeply, and seems to have an unusually strong immune system (almost never getting sick when the girls and I do or when a virus is making the rounds at his office). His main hope was that he might have more energy or need less sleep on the Vitamin, to help with his long work hours.

Within a few days of starting the Vitamin I noticed his appetite had dramatically increased. For the first time ever in our five years of marriage, he took snacks to work as he was finding himself distractingly hungry between meals. This effect seems to be a lasting one as he now snacks daily. He has always been thin and below a healthy weight for his height, but has gained 4.5 pounds over the last 6 months (still 5 pounds below lowest healthy weight for his height).

The biggest change we have noticed is in regard to Joey’s allergies. He has struggled with terrible allergies all his life, his worst being to dust, pollen, and freshly cut grass. Spring and summer have always been rough seasons for him. He would take a daily preventative allergy medication, and would take two others as needed. This summer, we noticed that his allergies had disappeared. We wondered if his preventative medication was making a big difference, but as time went on without an allergic reaction, he stopped taking it. He has not taken any allergy medication now for two months, and he just came in from an afternoon mowing and trimming our lawn with absolutely no reaction. This has been wonderful for him and means we can enjoy the outdoors without being on guard against a random allergic reaction.

Everything else – mood, sleep, energy levels – has remained the same for him. He has not noticed needing less sleep as he hoped.