Mental Health

by Gerald Aardsma; February 27, 2018

It is clear that vitamin MePA positively impacts not only one’s physical health but also one’s mental health.

The first indication that the vitamin was active within the brain was the improved sleep experience it afforded many users. This first indication was soon bolstered by others. Here are some examples from four additional brain-related areas, quoted from various testimonials and reports from users of Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamin MePA Dietary Supplement.

Mental Acuity

  • “…her mind seems to have rejuvenated.”
  • “Gigi has reported that she has felt more “awake” during the day. She has often complained of feeling like her brain never fully “wakes up”. She also calls this “brain fog”. She says she feels like that is not as severe as it has been in the past.”
  • “Since taking MePA, I feel my mental acuity has increased greatly.”
  • “Cognitive “fog” is gone. She has a “better and sharper mind” and does not have to rely on her husband to help her finish her thoughts.”


  • “Just want you to know I am feeling much better and have become creative again. Hoping to set up a little spot in the bedroom for crafting this winter.”
  • “For the first time in my life, I have a desire to study Art and to do more of it. … I attribute this mostly to MePA since I have never had the ambition to do it before.”
  • “She is back to her embroidery after 10 years.”


  • “I definitely feel happier.”
  • “I have a much more positive outlook, … .”
  • “Last year’s crop failed, which is normally a major stressor, but [he] states, “the weight of the worry is lifted” even though the problem is still there.”
  • “When I take it regularly it gives me so much more energy and just all over it makes me feel like a new person.”


  • “I have a desire to paint, once again. [Bird houses, etc.] I had lost any desire to do anything.”
  • “She is motivated—either internally or by my periodic encouragement and rare example—to do some daily exercises. This is a significant point to me, as it takes quite a bit of initiative to exercise.”
  • “Another thing about Gigi that’s been interesting is she has gotten out to do some yard work this fall. She has always talked about doing this during the time I have known her but very, very rarely, if ever, gets around to actually doing it. She has gotten out twice this fall to tend to her flowers and such.”
  • “Starting at the beginning of 2018, Steve began to try to lose some weight. He had tried a handful of times over the past 10 years or so to lose weight, but had been unsuccessful at restricting his diet for more than a week or two. As of today, he has lost a total of 15 pounds over the past 6 weeks. He has been able to limit his food portions and seems to feel satisfied with less food. Although it has been tough to limit his food intake, he seems to have greater initiative and resolve than he had in the past.”
  • “Biggest change I’ve noticed is my ability to push myself during weight workouts. Difficult to describe, but when I tell myself to push a little harder, my body responds easily and I am able to perform the exercise with more weights and repetitions.”
  • “Most significant change is not just increased energy, but [that he] is motivated to do the task at hand.”
  • “She is willing and motivated to do more. Prior to the vitamin she felt ‘like I was shutting down.’ “
  • “He feels he has the energy and motivation to start working out again at the gym.”
  • “We hiked into John Dillon Park to drill a hole through about a foot of ice and erect a Wood Duck nesting box he had built. The 4 or 5 mile round trip hike wouldn’t have been very strenuous were it not that we were pulling a homemade “cart” on skies through, in places, some pretty deep snow. It was a taxing task, but one that we both thoroughly enjoyed. The reason I mention it is that I feel ready [and eager] to do something similar today!! MePa?”


The biochemical routes by which vitamin MePA improves brain function are, so far, uncharted. Only two things are known at this point: 1. the vitamin influences brain function in multiple ways, and 2. the net result of its influence within the brain is improved mental health with concomitant improved quality of life.