November, 2019

I [have] just been to the doctor a few days ago and all my numbers were low. I had told Mom ahead of time, “I’m afraid the doctor is going to bawl me out because my blood sugar and cholesterol will definitely be high. I’ve been very bad about my diet.” I was so disappointed in myself until I got to his office and he told me about my recent blood work. He gave a glowing report. The only thing that was a “little high” was my triglycerides but he wasn’t worried, since my other numbers were so good. He said he wanted to see me in three months again for a checkup. I asked him if it could be six months and he said, “Sure!”

I still have no sign of arthritis. I’m having absolutely no pain.

I’ve been fatigued a lot and don’t know if it’s my age or what. I sleep 8, 9 or 10 hours a night and still have to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon. I’m just waiting to see if that fades with time.

Thank you … for supplying our household with MePiA!