Dr. Gerald Aardsma

Dr. Gerald Aardsma is a nuclear physicist with emphasis on physical dating methods such as radiocarbon. His work at the interface of science and the Bible has led him into many fascinating areas of research and discovery over the past several decades. His primary areas of focus have been biblical chronology and the cause of aging in the human body.

Dr. Aardsma spends his days documenting and communicating his research findings, overseeing the operation of the ARP research labs, working on lab equipment, communicating with other aging experts around the world, and overseeing renovations and expansion at the campus of ARP.

About his discovery of the two previously unknown anti-aging vitamins, Dr. Aardsma says, “I hope to see a rapid end to the suffering and death caused by modern human aging. Aging is a dreadful disease, with a 100% mortality rate. This is now all so unnecessary. If vitamins MePA and MePiA were able to keep people youthful for hundreds of years long ago, then they can do the same for us today. One of my recent research articles predicts that if every person in America would begin supplementing with the anti-aging vitamins today, 250,000 lives would be saved within a year’s time. And that is just the beginning.”

A complete list of Dr. Aardsma’s degrees, awards, work experience, and publications is available here.

Dr. Matthew Aardsma

Dr. Matthew Aardsma has a background in applied research with an M.S. in animal nutrition, and a P.h.D. in animal nutrition and and physiology. He joined ARP as a clinical research scientist in early 2019.
After graduating from Purdue University, Dr. Matthew and his family relocated to small-town Illinois, where he now works as a dedicated member of the ARP team, wearing a variety of hats on a daily basis.
When asked why he feels called to the work at ARP, Matthew replied: “My main career goal throughout graduate school was for my career to have lasting benefit to the world. It is hard to imagine working in an area of potential greater positive impact than working with the ARP team towards the goal of ending the disease of human aging.”
A complete list of Dr. Matthew’s education, publications, presentations, work experience and honors / awards is available here.