Gerald Aardsma holds a Ph.D. in the field of Nuclear Physics from the University of Toronto.
In his youth, Dr. Aardsma began to probe the mystery of why human life spans are so much shorter today than they were in the early chapters of the book of Genesis. Following decades of research, Dr. Aardsma proposed the radically new scientific theory that human aging, as we know it today, is simply a nutritional deficiency disease of a previously unknown vitamin.  
After many more years of research, he proposed that methylphosphonic acid (MePA) is the unknown vitamin, totally missing from modern diets. Dr. Aardsma went on to construct a mathematical model of his theory which was able to explain the Genesis super-longevity data scientifically and in detail. Though research into this new vitamin continues, its discovery is now being made public following extensive initial testing.
Four years after the discovery of Vitamin MePA, a second, closely-related vitamin was discovered. Vitamin MePiA (methylphosphinic acid) came to light unexpectedly, through tests being done in the ARP lab. These two vitamins are now packaged together as Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins.
Research about the vitamin discoveries is ongoing. Dr. Aardsma’s theory of aging continues to be revised and refined, as is expected with emerging science. 
Although this website is dedicated to the discovery of the previously unknown anti-aging vitamins alone, Dr. Aardsma’s work is far more extensive. Please visit Dr. Aardsma’s website to learn more about his education, published works, research into biblical history, and discoveries in the field of biblical chronologyDr. Aardsma’s background in physics, and his specialization in radioisotopic dating methods provide him with the tools needed to critically evaluate secular dates and their relationship to biblical chronology.
Some key points of his other research include the historicity of the Exodus and Noah’s Flood. Much of Dr. Aardsma’s other work was foundational to the discovery of the anti-aging vitamins.

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