• The era of vitamin discovery is not over.

• Emerging science with big implications for your health right now.

• The first vitamins to be discovered since 1947.

Methylphosphonic Acid and Methylphosphinic Acid

(note for context: "Vitamin C" is Ascorbic Acid)

Two new vitamins have recently been discovered. Like all of the previously known vitamins, they appear to be necessary for optimal health and well being. Ongoing research continues to reveal the extreme importance of daily supplementation of these vitamins in the human diet. There is no known natural source of these vitamins today. Continue reading to learn more about why these are called the “anti-aging” vitamins.

Gerald Aardsma holds a Ph.D. in the field of Nuclear Physics from the University of Toronto. Throughout this website, you will find many links taking you directly to Dr. Aardsma’s research website,

Compared to my historical chronic state before supplementation with the anti-aging vitamins, I have seen dramatic, encouraging improvement in my ability to function in day to day life.
A couple of friends of mine stopped by... the husband, Bob, whom I hardly know, came up to me and said excitedly, ‘My blood pressure is low, cholesterol is low, my blood sugar is low’ ...
On April 28, 2018 Krista suffered a sudden brain aneurysm. The doctors were not sure she would live. It was a very shocking and frightening time for her family and friends. She was in...

Reported effects of these two previously unknown vitamins on various areas of health, such as arthritis, heart disease, sleep, and more.