by Gerald Aardsma; December 2, 2018

Six or seven months ago, I noticed that my youngest son’s acne had significantly reduced a few weeks after he started taking Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamin MePA Dietary Supplement. Caleb was 19 years old at the time. He was taking 1 drop (2 micrograms MePA) per day.

When I mentioned to him how improved his facial skin looked, he said that he had recently started using some skin cleansers, so the improvement might not be due to the vitamin.

A recent testimonial by 14-year-old Katie increases the probability that the improvement seen in Caleb’s skin was, in fact, due to the vitamin.

I’ve been taking the vitamin for about two weeks now.

I have always had really oily skin on my face, but since I’ve started on the vitamin, it seems to have gotten a lot less oily. This is really nice because it’s cleared my acne up a lot.


Putting Katie’s testimonial together with my observation of Caleb’s skin improvements instigates the new hypothesis that dietary supplementation with vitamin MePA alleviates acne.

If this hypothesis is ultimately found to be true, it will imply that acne is a skin disorder arising from or exacerbated by vitamin MePA deficiency disease.