Alison is from the UK, and contacted us in April of 2020, after reading Dr. Aardsma’s testimonial about his CIDP.
(Anti-Aging Vitamins MePA and MePiA)
On April 19, 2020, Alison wrote:
I learned about Dr. Aardsma and the vitamins while I was doing a search on the internet for anything, anything, that might help stop the progress of this disease or even reverse it. I’m a really keen hiker – and I love doing anything active outdoors – so a sudden and dramatic worsening of symptoms last summer, and problems walking and balancing and hands so shaky that even dressing takes me an age on bad days – was really getting me down – the narrowing of horizons and all that.  I’ve been receiving monthly rounds of IVIg – but it hasn’t really helped – unlike 7 years ago when I last needed IVIg treatment and responded very well to it (though my symptoms were less severe). So, feeling a bit helpless and hopeless and pretty down one day, I started doing random searches to see if anyone ‘out there’ had any advice about things that could help CIPD, or if there were any potential cures… and purely by chance, I clicked on Dr Aardsma’s Aging Cause and Cure. It felt like an answer to prayer – just to have a story that offered hope, because the accepted medical wisdom is that the disease is progressive and can only be managed, not cured – which is not very uplifting! Dr Aardsma’s experience really perked me up – as has your reply.
And of course I know that what worked for Dr Aardsma’s CIPD might not work for mine; our bodies are unique and our responses to treatments, vitamins, etc, will be too. But his story was hopeful and so I am hopeful. You never know! And I’m curious to see if it WILL have an effect. And if it does, then that is amazing for me – and for anyone else with the condition. It will be really interesting to see…. so I will, of course, keep you updated on what improvements I notice, not just with regard to CIPD symptoms, but general health overall.
On May 2, 2020, A shipment of Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamins was sent to Alison.
On October 15, 2020, Alison wrote:
I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my condition since I started taking MePA and MePiA [Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins]. My balance has improved, as have my leg strength and general leg-shakiness. (The doctors have decided I don’t have CIPD, after all, but instead something called Dorsal Root Ganglionopathy. But like CIDP, it is an auto-immune, inflammation-related nerve disease and has the same problem as CIPD – nerve sheaths are worn away affecting the effective transmission of nerve messages. I have very similar symptoms to CIPD.) One thing I am keeping a close watch on, and hoping for with the MePiA/MePa vitamins, is to regain a degree of sensation in my right hand/arm which for 14 years have been TOTALLY numb. I have not noticed any improvement in this so far…. However, after 14 years of ‘nerve death’ as the doctors explain the situation to me, I’m not expecting any rapid improvement in sensation. The doctors have said that feeling will never come back, particularly after so long, but I’m keeping an open mind and hoping to prove them wrong with a miracle….It could take years, and it might not happen at all, but it’s worth trying every avenue and NOT giving up hope. The ACAC vitamins are an avenue of hope for me.
With regard to the improvement in my other symptoms – which I am SO relieved about –  I’m not sure how much of the improvement is due uniquely to the MePA/MePiA vitamins as I have also been having week-long infusions of immunoglobulin every 6 weeks and have been taking turmeric supplements (anti-inflammatory) and vitamins called Nerve Renew as well, in an effort to give my body every single bit of help I can to combat this disease. I would say all of these combined have helped in the management of my symptoms. However, I have not had MePa/MePiA for the past 3 days owing to running out of bottles (stupidly) and my hands are definitely more shaky than usual and I’m feeling a bit wobbly on my feet – so I think I must be getting definite, tangible benefit from MePa/MePiA.
One thing I have noticed since taking the ACAC vitamins is that I cope far better on less sleep than before. I’m not a very good sleeper  in general and would get about 4- 5 hours’ sleep per night during weekdays which would leave me feeling very groggy and tired and dopey during the day. Since taking MePa/MePiA, I feel much more alert during the day and have far more energy, even on 4-5 hours’ sleep. That is something that has been very noticeable – and was noticeable before I started taking turmeric and the Nerve Renew supplements meaning MePA/MePiA is the only explanation for the very marked improvement in my energy levels.
On October 27, 2020, Alison wrote:
The value of hope cannot be underestimated… I was very desperate when I wrote to you first after reading Dr Aardsma’s experience regarding the improvement of his CIDP. His story of hope was like a life-raft for me when I was getting swallowed up by bleak thoughts about my prognosis and future. I would be happy if my experience would be similarly encouraging to others. I’m by no means healed of the disease or all symptoms, but I have noticed definite improvements as outlined in my email to you. I’m certainly encouraged.
I would also add that – since I sent my previous email regarding progress, and over the several days that I have been without the vitamins while waiting for my new stock to arrive – my small-fibre muscle twitches have begun again in my legs, as well as severe cramps in my feet at  night and random shooting pains around my body during the day – things that I’ve realised had pretty much halted while I was taking the vitamins. Interesting! I can’t see  any other factor in these developments except not taking the vitamins due to running out. Nothing else in my diet/treatment has changed.