Gentleman from Dallas, OR

(The Anti-Aging Vitamins – MePA and MePiA)

November 2019

Your package arrived on Nov. 1st … took 8 drops at about 1 PM as recommended and did so the next day and today. Although I am not going to bore you with all of my health problems, one is of immediate interest. I have suffered from various forms of fatigue half my adult life. … It doesn’t usually make any difference if I wake up at 6, 7, 8, 9 AM, or how much caffeine I use. The older I get the later I get out the door to get to work. Sometimes I cannot work before noon or 1PM. … I cannot function usually before 10 AM regardless of how much sleep I get.

Saturday and today I woke up about 6 AM and could function immediately! The correlation is interesting…

May 2020

I just turned 66 years old yesterday. I ran out of product in late March or early April of 2020. (This was my second trial of the vitamins. There was a several month gap.) I reordered immediately and received a new bottle +/- two weeks later. I took it every day in this second trial period from November 1st, until I ran out in March or April. When the new bottle arrived I started taking it every day again. I have had no other improvements in health other that the initial reaction. I wish I could report otherwise.
We responded: Did your initial reaction fade with time, or are you still experiencing reduced fatigue?
Yes, it faded. Perhaps the Anti-Aging Vitamins cannot overpower things already set in motion. As I wrote a few days ago I just turned 66 last week. I want to continue to take the Anti Aging Vitamins for a least a year. I think that is a reasonable amount of time to see some kind of result.
I only noticed this week a medical problem that has been gone for a year! For most of my adult life almost to the day of the first day of winter till the first day of spring my skin starts to dry out. I have had severe cracking of the skin at my finger tips and my lips. The skin cracks and does not heal for the winter. I just noticed this week that last winter 2019 and this winter 2020 my skin did not crack or bleed at the finger tips or lips. I don’t know why, but I’m not turning down any blessing. It is similar to a problem that disappeared in the mid-90s for ten years. For a period of ten years I didn’t get any colds.
We responded: The improvements in your skin may possibly be due to the Anti-Aging Vitamins. I see you started the vitamins in November of 2019 and you have reported no dry/cracked skin for the winter of 2019 and 2020. Other people have reported similar improvements in the dryness of their skin, after starting the vitamins.

December 2021

This gentleman had discontinued supplementing the Anti-Aging Vitamins for some period of time. He purchased them again in November 2021, and they arrived to him about 11/27/21. He then sent the following report:

Thanksgiving week I had developed medical problem that concerned me greatly. I will not explain what it was but it was an occasional problem that did not stop this time. I do not know if MePA+ [Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins] was the cure, but I started taking them immediately upon receiving, fasted for one day and took other herbal tinctures and was feeling better by last Tuesday afternoon (11/30/21) In fact I was feeling better than before I had gotten sick. Obviously I cannot attribute MePA+ solely since I took it in conjunction with other products, but I believe it should be noted.