Jane Cooper

January 29, 2021
Jane Cooper is Dr. Aardsma’s cousin.

(The Anti-Aging Vitamins – MePA and MePiA.)

My husband and I have been taking Dr Aardsma’s Anti-Aging vitamins for over two years now. I am 67 years old and my fingers had started to be disfigured from arthritis. My fingers have returned to their normal positions and are much less painful. I also have seborrheic keratosis which appears to have been arrested in spreading.
My parents died after being infected with Covid and I had just visited them in person two days before their diagnosis and given them hugs and kisses, but never contracted the virus. I have been in contact with numerous people who have been exposed to Covid, but my husband and I remain in good health.
I just had my annual checkup and my Primary Care Physician looked up the vitamins I am taking and was quite impressed with Dr. Aardsma’s research.
I am happy to have vitamins to help keep us healthy but also glad to know that we WILL live forever in eternity with our blessed Savior and our loved ones who have gone before.
Jane on her 67th birthday
Jane’s hand comforting her elderly mother.