Jennifer Hall

Social Media and Marketing Assistant


Jennifer Hall joined ARP in January of 2019 as a part-time marketing assistant. She is the firstborn child of Dr. and Mrs. Aardsma. Jennifer is excited to be serving along with her husband Steve in the Aging: Cause and Cure communications efforts. 
“I grew up with the idea that, when approached from a biblical standpoint, ‘aging’ might very well be found to be a curable disease. I’m thrilled to see Dad’s work having progressed to this point, and I’m beyond thrilled to see the difference the new vitamins are already making in people’s lives. We have a big job ahead of us as we attempt to help people understand the truth and implications of these discoveries.”
Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in music with a minor in English. She homeschools her children, and considers raising her family to be her number one calling. In her free moments she enjoys blogging, playing the harp and piano, practicing music with the family, thrifting, and taking a brisk walk outside. 

Articles by Jennifer

A Startling New Idea

The concept of aging as a curable disease is a startling new idea for many people today. Everyone KNOWS aging is just a natural part of life, right? Many feel that it goes against common sense to say that aging is actually a vitamin deficiency disease...

A Radical New Concept

Just as electric lighting was a radically new concept in the late 1800’s, aging as a curable vitamin deficiency disease is a radically new concept today. The Anti-Aging Vitamins face a difficult path to public acceptance, as did many discoveries and inventions of the past...