Joey Contreras, Sr. Family and Friends continued…

(Vitamin MePA Testimonials)

Pres: 63 years old; start date 16 OCT 2017.

26 November 2017; 2 drops daily.

Sleeping more soundly. Feels more “energetic.”

21 February 2018; 3-4 drops daily, often places drops under tongue.

Still sleeping well, feels energetic.

Got flu DEC 2017, lasted 3-4 days, resolved much faster than friend’s flu.

Back and neck pain from several injuries from teen and college age sports. Pain has worsened past several months, being treated by chiropractor and pain is improving.

Evelyn: 63 years old; start date 16 OCT 2017.

26 November 2017; 2 drops daily.

Most of her life slept about 5 hours and was a very light sleeper. Still gets 5 hours of sleep, but is very sound. Wakes up refreshed. Her husband also states she sleeps more soundly.

Eats well, but is satiated with less food.

21 February 2018; 3–4 drops daily.

Developed macular degeneration in her 20’s. She is slowly beginning to see things very close up, about 6-8 inches away, in her “blind” eye (left eye). She told this to her eye doctor and he said he was not interested in her near vision improving because it is not related to her macular degeneration. She said she is excited though for any improvement. Improvement started more than one month ago and continues to get better.

Teresa: 57 years old; start date 21 OCT 2017.

26 November 2017; number of drops unknown.

U.S. Postal letter carrier for 31 years. States she had significant lower leg pain while working for many years. States she often took over-the-counter Alleve prior to starting her route; leg pain resolved after 1 week of taking vitamin. Had foot pain for many months, she attributes to her shoes being old; improved significantly. No longer needs pain medication for leg or foot pain.

States never had problems sleeping, but does feel more rested.

21 February 2018; 2 drops daily.

States she lost her vitamin bottle while on vacation. Her leg and foot pain recurred about one week later when she started work again. Last dose about 15 January, 2018.

She will start again.

Araceli: 34 years old; start date DEC 2017.

21 February 2018; 2 drops daily.

States she sleeps much better. No longer needs to hit the snooze button.

More energy throughout the day. States she started feeling sluggish again, then realized she had forgotten to take the vitamin for 3 days. Energy returned quickly once she started the vitamin again.

Steve: 58 years old; start date DEC 2017.

8 January 2018; 2–3 drops daily.

Has liver disease and diabetes. States his energy level has increased very much after 3 days. States he wakes up early, works all day, goes to bed late and has not taken any of his usual naps. He thinks his glucose is decreasing also, but states he will monitor more closely to confirm.

21 February 2018; 4 drops in morning, 4 drops in evening.

History of liver disease causing ascites (fluid in abdomen), cirrhosis, diabetes. This is the text he sent 2 February, 2018:

Steve: Had a CT scan yesterday. Liver is fatty (meaning no liver disease), left kidney duct has a node (growth). All other organs have reduced to their normal size. The pancreas and spleen were swollen twice their normal size last CT scan. I am encouraged. Thank you for the vitamin.

In phone conversation 19 February, 2018 he states he is feeling great, much energy. He has decreased insulin from 80 units to 60 units daily. (He has not kept track of glucose levels past week or two, but glucose is decreasing.)

He has no desire for fast foods anymore.

26 months ago his gastroenterologist gave him 18 months to live.

He and his wife attribute all his improvement to vitamin MePA.

Galen: 84 years old; start date first week FEB 2018.

21 February, 2018; number of drops unknown.

Active all of his life as rancher, avid hiker, former missionary to Navajo Indians, president of a bible college. Started feeling run down, tired 2016 and getting worse; he attributed to old age. Unable to hike, withdrew from leadership in church because of lack of energy and “getting old.”

Diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatic approximately 12 February, 2018 after 6 weeks of muscle pain and weakness. Symptoms significantly subsided immediately with prednisone 20mg daily. His energy is improving and is looking to participate in some leadership role in church again. He attributes new energy to prednisone.

Michael: 61 years old; start date JAN 2018.

21 February, 2018; number of drops unknown.

Takes the vitamin sporadically; not much at all. No changes.

I am encouraging him to take it for his psoriasis, an autoimmune inflammatory skin disease, can also cause arthritis.

Former missionary couple in their 90s; start date 27 DEC 2017.

21 February, 2018; number of drops unknown.

After 3 days he was able to walk to the mailbox (something he had not been able to do for a long time) and told his daughter his energy is increased. He has not taken the vitamin for unknown time. His daughter states his caregiver does not give it to him and he does not remember. They live in Washington and daughter in California, so it is difficult for her to get her parents to take it.

Her mother decided not to take it, though her daughter is encouraging her to.

Frank: late 50s; start date last week of DEC 2017.

22 February, 2018; 2 drops daily.

Runs his family ranch/farm. No significant health issues.

Feels more energetic; does not get fatigued.

It is much easier to focus on the task at hand.

Last year’s crop failed, which is normally a major stressor, but states, “the weight of the worry is lifted” even though the problem is still there.

He feels more relaxed. Able to do more work.

Sleeps well and does not need as much sleep. Wakes up every morning at 5 AM and is “not groggy.” Ran out of vitamin about 14 February and started again 18 February without any decrease or loss of benefits of vitamin MePA, though his wife states he was, “crabby.”

Sophie: 49 years old; start date last week of DEC 2017.

22 February, 2018; initially 2 drops twice daily, decreased to 2 drops in morning only.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 2010. Probably had the disease longer, but never diagnosed.

Sleep on 2 drops twice daily was “deep,” but could not get back to sleep once she had to get up to go to bathroom, so decreased to 2 drops in morning only. Still sleeping well, but able to get back to sleep.

Her biggest improvements while on vitamin MePA:

  • Nerve pain gone.
  • Pain level is maintained and tolerable.
  • Leg tremors are gone.
  • Cognitive “fog” is gone. She has a “better and sharper mind” and does not have to rely on her husband to help her finish her thoughts.
  • Her legs “do not give out.” Able to walk on their farm/ranch without worrying about her legs being able to support her.

Areas not improved:

  • No feeling in bowels continues.
  • Ruptured hemorrhoids.
  • Recent HbA1c is 6.4%. Normal is 4.0–5.9% and poor diabetic control range is above 7%. (HbA1c determines average blood sugar over the prior 3 months, so would not expect any changes this soon.)

Two days after running out of vitamin on 14 February 2018, leg tremors returned and her legs started “giving out” again. Being off the vitamin has made a “significant difference.” She will start again tomorrow, 23 February 2018.

Erica: 39 years old; start date 01 NOV 2017.

31 October 2018; one drop daily.

She is 16 weeks pregnant. This is her third pregnancy. First two deliveries via C-section and will have a planned C-section for this pregnancy. Overall, this pregnancy is “going well.”

She discontinued the vitamin when became pregnant, but re-started it after one week. States she “felt tired” week of being off the vitamin.

Currently she is “doing well,” though she had “morning sickness all day” during first trimester. She had no “morning sickness” with other pregnancies.

First two pregnancies she had “spotting” during first trimester; no spotting with current pregnancy.

Because of her age she has DNA testing, first tests were all normal. Second tests results are pending. Her OB said the “baby is doing well.” All other labs are normal as well.

States she does not “feel strained.” She is not sure if she is handling stress any differently than previous pregnancies.

First delivery was a difficult C-section. The baby “crawled back up” the uterus during delivery and appears to have torn abdominal muscles. Her OB said this left a “window” in her muscles. Second C-section was without incident and had a much easier recovery.

Her visit with OB today all was normal, baby and mother are doing well. The OB recommends delivery two weeks prior to due date to minimize the possibility of contractions because of the “window” in her muscles.

Erica states, “I feel stronger with this pregnancy.” And “I feel my recovery will be better than previous pregnancies.”

Lynette: 35 years old. Re-started vitamin about 15 SEPT 2018. Previously took it for about one month in OCT 2017.

31 October 2018; 3 drops daily.

She has done aerobic and weight lifting workouts consistently for over 10 years. She started a spin class at the same time she re-started the vitamin and states she is able to “push myself harder than I would have been able to without the vitamin.”

She continues to lift weights and has increased amount of weights lifted. Also started doing two workouts daily twice weekly. She said none of these improvements and increased workouts were possible prior to taking the vitamin.