(The Anti-Aging Vitamins – MePA and MePiA)

John is a 63 year old man who has been taking Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Dietary Supplement steadily since mid 2018. John shares the following:

MARCH 2020

Dear Dr. Aardsma,
I’ve been taking MePA/MePiA steadily since mid 2018. I might be an excellent test subject, as I am disciplined, consistent, and faithful. I’m 63, relatively fit and in good health and am currently on no medication except for coffee.
My wife passed 2 years ago from breast cancer, giving me a personal perspective of countering the well meaning but non-effective “cures” presented to me by many acquaintances.
I am quite open about my taking MePA/MePiA with family and close friends and actually enjoy the cynicism I get with “too good to be true.” I tell them, “We’ll discuss it in ten years.” My real desire and goal is to live out the days the Lord has given me in good health.
I’m monitored with a Fitbit (I love the data). I have a maximum heart rate well above the norm for a man my age (above 200 occasionally, when I’m really pushing myself running).
My VO2max estimate, according to my Fitbit device is 54. This places me at 99.3% for a man my age.  VO2 max is widely used as an indicator of cardiorespiratory fitness and is associated with longevity. I try to stay relatively fit but am intrigued to score so high. I am a casual runner, running about 3 times per week slightly over 3 miles, for the sole purpose of maintaining my lifestyle and enjoying my family. 
My cholesterol is slightly elevated as it has been for years (I’m not convinced this is a bad thing) and my blood pressure is good. Please don’t take this as being boastful, I exercise as the Lord allows my health.
I’m carefully trying not to over state my health but I haven’t had a serious cold or flu for well over the 1.5 years I’ve been taking MePA/MePiA. Of course I’m not haphazardly putting myself in harm’s way, but I’ve had many exposures from sick adults and grandchildren.
I’m watching for other markers to gauge progress, such as relief for the thin skin on my hands and arms and general sun damage associated with life. I suppose time will tell.

Thank you for your passion, diligence, and sharing.

John Oleson

Screenshot from John’s Fitbit, March 2020


Updated Testimonial on 12/29/20

I’m 63, a casual runner and my VO2Max calculated by my Fitbit device is now 57, up 3 points since the testimonial I provided 9 months ago. This is phenomenal for a man my age and the number is supposed to go down as I age, not up. I am very excited about these vitamins.