Kathy is 73 years old. She started taking vitamin MePA in 2018, and added vitamin MePiA in January of 2020.

(The Anti-Aging Vitamins – MePA and MePiA.)

July 22, 2020

Kathy has suffered from severe back pain for many years. The pain has interfered with her normal daily activities and her sleep. She took multiple pain medications in order to function, though pain was not well controlled. In 2018 she had back surgery and a cage was placed in her lower back.
The surgery helped her to function, but she continued with pain and difficulty sleeping because of the pain. Soon after the surgery she started taking vitamin MePA. She states that within the first week she was sleeping better and felt more rested. As she continued to take vitamin MePA, her pain and sleep continued to improve.
She states her back pain, sleep quality and energy have improved significantly. She attributes these improvements to vitamin MePA and now MePiA. She now only takes half a tablet of pain medication at night, but she says this is much better than the multiple pain medications she used to take.
Overall, she states Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins have significantly improved her pain, sleep quality and energy. Occasionally she misses a dose of the vitamins and notices her symptoms of pain and fatigue recurs after 1-2 days. She says one of the biggest benefits of taking Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins is being able to enjoy her grandchildren.