Steve Hall

Marketing & Communication, Speaker


Steve Hall joined ARP in July of 2019, filling a vital role in the Marketing and Communications department. Steve has spent over twenty years in ministry work as an assistant pastor, and now brings his passion for clearly communicating truth to the ARP team.
Steve is also a talented musician, published songwriter, and graphic designer. He and his family travel for ARP,  bringing “Truth in Time” sessions to churches and other groups. At these sessions, the Hall family ministers in music (vocal, piano, harp, multi-media) and Steve speaks about Dr. Aardsma’s ground-breaking work in biblical chronology and the vitamin discoveries.
In his spare time Steve can be found reading e-books with a cup of coffee in hand. He loves spending a family evening with his wife and eight children, which frequently includes walking to the park, reading the Chronicles of Narnia aloud, or watching some football. 

Articles by Steve Hall

Life is Good

Only God makes real life. And whatever is truly life is truly good. Everything God does is good. Men can make images of real life, but God makes life itself. God’s works are alive, and they are very good (Genesis 1:31). Life is good...

looking back in time
What the Bible Has Taught Me About Human Aging

Even with all of these groups and scientists working on this “age old” issue, they all have a real problem— and it’s a problem that sets them apart from the work of Aardsma Research and Publishing and Dr. Gerald Aardsma— they have no observational data. (At least they don’t think they do.) At Aardsma Research, we believe we certainly do.