Testimonials are frequently used to sing the praises of a product with the objective of increasing sales. The testimonials recorded here have a somewhat different purpose. Their primary purpose is to help us all to understand what to expect from the Anti-Aging Vitamins. The objective is to learn how to make best use of the vitamins to improve our own health and to increase our own longevity. Some observations of those supplementing the Anti-Aging Vitamins (MePA and MePiA) are below.

Read first:

Another use of these testimonials is to help show that the anti-aging vitamins are what they claim to be.

The anti-aging vitamins (MePA and MePiA) claim to be the cure for human aging. Unfortunately, scientifically demonstrating that a purported cure for human aging is what it claims to be is an intrinsically lengthy process. The scientific demonstration that MePA and MePiA are the cure for human aging requires that a group of people treated with these vitamins live significantly longer than another group of people not treated with the vitamins. This experiment is inadvertently currently underway. Individuals who have begun to take the vitamins are the informal test group. They are expected to live significantly longer than other individuals who through choice or lack of knowledge have not begun to take the vitamins. Unfortunately, it will take years or even decades for results from this informal experiment to be obtained.

To get a feel for this, consider that the current longevity record for modern times is 122 years. Dr. Aardsma is in his mid sixties. He is taking Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins Dietary Supplement. He is looking forward to breaking that 122 year longevity record. When should you look for a testimonial from him reporting that he has successfully done so? You should look for it about six decades from now!

Fortunately, increased human longevity is not the only thing we can watch for. We can also watch for increased longevity in laboratory animals treated with the anti-aging vitamins.  These experiments are also lengthy, though not nearly as lengthy as for humans. Laboratory mice, for example, have a normal life span of two to three years. So it takes two to three years from the start of an experiment to see that the treated mice are living longer than the control mice. A first experiment of this sort has been carried out at ARP, and it did indeed show that the treated mice had significantly longer maximal life spans than the control mice.  Now, mice are not humans, of course, so we do not expect them to respond to the vitamins in identically the same ways as humans, but the increase in maximal life spans of the treated mice appears to show that the anti-aging vitamins are effective against aging in mice. This result is extremely encouraging, and further experiments with mice are in various stages of progress to learn more about the anti-aging efficacy of the vitamins.

Early on, before we had any experimental results from mice and before the theory of human aging applicable to the anti-aging vitamins was very developed, two indicators of efficacy were especially helpful and important.  What could be watched for early on, helping to show that the anti-aging vitamins were what they claim to be, was a rolling back of:

  1. aging-related diseases, and
  2. signs and symptoms common to other deficiency diseases.

An example in the first category is the slowing of prostate cancer. The incidence of prostate cancer increases with age—it is an aging-related disease. Since aging is a vitamin deficiency disease, it was reasonable to expect that restoration of the anti-aging vitamins to the diet might help to roll back diseases which have taken hold in its absence. Testimonials from early users of the vitamins affirmed that the anti-aging vitamins did have this effect. A repeated observation, in this same category, is relief of rheumatoid arthritis.

Examples in the second category are dry skin, delayed wound healing, poor immunity, muscle weakness, and fatigue, all of which are included among the signs and symptoms of vitamin C deficiency. Clearly, you don’t need to die of scurvy to know that you have a vitamin C deficiency. Similarly, it is not likely that you need to die of aging to know you have vitamin MePA and vitamin MePiA deficiencies. Many early warning signs are likely to be present.

What are these early warning signs likely to be? It is impossible to say for sure when everybody is suffering from MePA / MePiA deficiency disease, because there are no healthy individuals to compare to. But considerable overlap of symptoms is observed between different deficiency diseases. For example, fatigue is seen in deficiencies of vitamin C, vitamin B12 and other B vitamins, calcium, iron, and magnesium. So we might expect to see the same sorts of early warning signs and symptoms for MePA and MePiA deficiency as are reported for other deficiency diseases.

For this reason, when individuals start supplementing the anti-aging vitamins, we might expect them to begin reporting, early on, relief of symptoms common to other deficiency diseases. And this is what has been happening, as the testimonials recorded here show. It appears as no accident that, for example, many elderly individuals report a boost of energy and relief of fatigue when they begin to take the anti-aging vitamins.  In fact, all of the symptoms listed above as signs of vitamin C deficiency have been reported as areas of relief by one or more individuals beginning to take Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins Dietary Supplement.

More recently, advances in the scientific theory underlying the action of the anti-aging vitamins in the body have show-cased an additional, indirect evidence of the efficacy of the anti-aging vitamins. Basically, armed with the knowledge of what the anti-aging vitamins do, it has become possible, for the first time ever, to explain in detail why the modern human population dies the way it does and at the ages it does.  That is, knowledge of the anti-aging vitamins allows us not only to predict that aging will be cured by supplementing human diets with them, but also to explain why aging plays out the way it does in modern human populations not supplementing their diets with them.

There are some pitfalls to avoid when reading these testimonials:

  1. No two people are alike. Our bodies do not all respond identically to the various vitamins. For example, when sailors used to die from a lack of vitamin C on long voyages at sea, the sailors on a given ship did not all develop scurvy at the same rate and die at the same time. It was possible for a few survivors to make it home when nearly the entire crew had died of scurvy. Don’t expect one person’s experience with the anti-aging vitamins to be applicable to everybody in exactly the same way.


  2. Keep in mind that experiences shared here are anecdotal. Anecdotal evidence is less reliable than results from a clinical trial. Clinical trials include multiple individuals at a time, with a treated group and an untreated (placebo) group. The individuals in the clinical trial do not know which group they are in. This allows clinical trial results to separate out real effects from imaginary or spurious effects.

    Anecdotal evidence, while less reliable than a clinical trial, is still valuable. It can verify the general safety of a compound, for example, and point to effects which should be specifically targeted for investigation in a subsequent clinical trial.

    Individuals sharing anecdotal evidence are to be esteemed as pathfinders.


  3. It is possible to mistake early relief of vitamin MePA and MePiA deficiency disease symptoms for permanent cures. For example, it is possible to mistakenly conclude that a person supplementing the anti-aging vitamins who experiences cessation of chronic headaches early on has been cured of headaches and will never have another headache as long as he or she keeps supplementing the vitamins. This mistake can lead to subsequent confusion about the effectiveness of the anti-aging vitamins and discouragement when he/she does get another headache.


This couple (83 and 85 in November) decided to purchase the anti-aging vitamins again, after having stopped taking them about 18 months ago.
Those of us who have been taking the anti-aging vitamins (since July 2017, in my case) report promptly experiencing significant health benefits without any harmful side effects.
She states her back pain, sleep quality and energy have improved significantly. She attributes these improvements to vitamin MePA and now MePiA. She now only takes half a tablet of pain medication at night...
I have been in contact with numerous people who have been exposed to Covid, but my husband and I remain in good health. My Primary Care Physician looked up the vitamins I am taking and was quite impressed with Dr. Aardsma’s research.
I was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone at age 51, intimacy and desire dropped fast... I continue to improve, but very slowly now, but I don’t mind. My wife and I are very happy with the results!
... since taking the vitamin drops I have noticed I don’t have as much stiffness in my knees. They don’t creak when I bend them.
I've noticed a definite improvement in my condition since I started taking MePA and MePiA [Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins]. My balance has improved, as have my leg strength and general leg-shakiness.
Is this supposed to work THAT fast?! Saturday and today I woke up about 6 AM and could function immediately! The correlation is interesting....
I didn’t see a lot of progress at first, but a few months later I realized that I had just experienced a 3 day stretch of no symptoms for the first time! Then it turned into a full week, and then even longer!... I am so thankful, I praise God for His healing and the vitamins!
They have only been taking the [anti-aging] vitamins for two weeks but they are convinced this change in their health is because of the MePiA.
I am quite open about my taking MePA/MePiA with family and close friends, and actually enjoy the cynicism I get with “too good to be true.” I tell them, “We’ll discuss it in ten years.”
I was so disappointed in myself until I got to his office and he told me about my recent blood work. He gave a glowing report... I still have no sign of arthritis. I'm having absolutely no pain.
I am delighted that I don’t have any arthritis in my hands; it would be a serious detriment in my profession as a woodcarver.
All I can say is that I know MePA is responsible for my improvements. I’m confident that it could improve more in time. The main thing, even if it stays stable, I’m happy that it didn’t get worse. I’m thankful the anti-aging vitamins are reversing or slowing down any deterioration.
I have LOTS of energy! Thank the good Doctor [Dr. Aardsma] for me!
I believe my immune system is stronger. I’m thinking I have less wrinkles. My energy level is up
The most noticeable change for me has been my energy level. I have always had high energy, but now I seem to have super high energy...
Since taking Vitamin MePA I do not have pain in my knees from arthritis, am able to walk further and longer. I have a torn rotator cup [cuff], but am finding the arm to be stronger, and can reach farther with it.
On May 5, 2018, I came down with mastitis and a stomach virus simultaneously. Symptoms were fever, muscle aches, an extremely sore...
I am a 25-year-old female. Overall I would term my health as "very good", although I have a history of back pain. I have had 3 pregnancies and deliveries prior to beginning Vitamin MePA.
Has always slept well without problem; usually gets 5–7 hours sleep. Now wakes up after about 5 hours of sleep, around 3:00–3:30 AM ready for the day for past 5 days. Unable to get back to sleep...