Tom is in his mid-sixties and has been taking the anti-aging vitamins since 2017. Tom has provided an extensive report on his experience with prostate cancer and taking the vitamins which can be accessed here. The following report was written by him on October 12, 2021.

This book (Aging: Cause and Cure, 2nd Edition) explains why people all over the world ought to begin taking two newly discovered vitamins.  It would take hundreds of years to prove that they allow a modern person to live in good health for hundreds of years, of course, but those of us who have been taking them (since July 2017, in my case) report promptly experiencing significant health benefits without any harmful side effects.

Every anti-aging product on the market promises to promote physical health, but this book also reveals that these vitamins are unique in a wonderful way.  The story behind their discovery encourages people everywhere to believe even what the Bible says about spiritual health and our eternal destiny.