December 19, 2018

(Vitamin MePA Only)

I am a 46 year old female, married, and mother of a pre-teen. I work full time and lead an active lifestyle.

I was somewhat skeptical when I started using Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamin MePA Dietary Supplement. I started October 1, 2018, using 1 drop [2 micrograms of MePA] per day.

I am an unmedicated bipolar. (I am unmedicated because my body does not handle medication well). I am not self-diagnosed. I also struggle with seasonal affective disorder and have in the past completed daily light therapy. I am in the care of a great psychiatrist and counselor who are supportive of me and know I can’t tolerate medication.

After reading about vitamin MePA and some prayer I decided to give it a try. I had been in a slump for nearly 18 months and had had a battery of tests run. My primary care doctor had prescribed vitamin D. He also suggested a possible autoimmune problem but couldn’t give me anything else.

After nearly 4 weeks of taking MePA, I felt like an improved person.

I am back to running 5 miles every day, whereas before I lacked the energy to run 2 miles. I feel I have a clearer thinking process (not as foggy). I’m not a depressed person but do feel healthier in my thoughts. This year has been stressful; I know “me” and normally I would succumb to the stress and completely shut down (previous inpatient hospitalizations). I feel I have the energy to tackle daily life and don’t feel as stressed. I have energy. The only thing that has changed is that I started taking MePA daily.

Now, after nearly three months, I feel I can write and say I feel a difference since taking it. I don’t want to make a bold statement about MePA and treatment for psychological disorders or diseases but will say I have felt fairly even keel for at least 45 days, my energy has improved (which is unusual for me going into the winter months) and I feel good, which, ultimately is what most people want to feel about themselves.

I don’t share these details and my experience lightly. I want others to know that vitamin MePA might be worth considering and trying. I’m glad I did.