Vitamin MePA Could Save 250,000 American Lives Every Year

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The following is a summary of the Biblical Chronologist Newsletter
Volume 10, Number 15  |  Summary by Joshua S. Hall
Actuarial Data Show That Vitamin MePA Deficiency Disease Is Needlessly Killing a Quarter Million Americans Annually

In this issue, Dr. Aardsma models the aging syndrome (comprised of three diseases– Aging 0, Aging 1, and Aging 2) against a 2016 Actuarial Dataset from the United States Social Security Administration’s actuarial life tables. This dataset incorporates the deaths of 2,744,248 individuals. All of these individuals died in the US, in the year 2016. The goal is to see whether or not the mathematical model of the three aging diseases matches the mathematical data of the 2016 Actuarial Dataset. If it doesn’t, then something is either wrong with, or incomplete, in Dr. Aardsma’s Theory of Aging.

Dr. Aardsma goes on to mathematically model the three aging diseases and compare them to the 2016 Actuarial Dataset. The three-disease model is found to fit the 2016 Actuarial Dataset quite well. This increases confidence in the validity of Dr. Aardsma’s Theory of Aging.

One part of the fit of Dr. Aardsma’s Theory to modern data is that Dr. Aardsma’s Theory says that women are more susceptible to Aging 0, while men are more susceptible to Aging 2. This is validated by modern scientific data. One of the things Aging 0 appears prone to causing is autoimmune disease. If women are more susceptible than men to Aging 0, and Aging 0 causes autoimmune diseases, then women ought to be more susceptible than men to autoimmune diseases.

Modern scientific data show that women are far more susceptible to autoimmune disease than men are. In fact, experts estimate that roughly 78% of people who get autoimmune diseases are women.

On the flip side, the three-disease aging model shows men as being more susceptible to Aging 2. Two of the effects that Aging 2 is expected to have are heart disease and cancer. If men are more susceptible than women to Aging 2, and two of the effects of Aging 2 are heart disease and cancer, then men ought to be more susceptible than women to heart disease and cancer.

Modern scientific data show this to be true in both cases.

The mathematical model, being able to successfully explain (and therefore being corroborated by) modern human lifespan data, is able to give us some numbers. It tells us that Aging 0 was the root cause of 286,665 U.S. deaths in 2016. This is the same as saying that more than 1 in 10 U.S. deaths in 2016 was due to Aging 0.

Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins are able to eradicate Aging 0. Aging 0 is specifically Vitamin MePA deficiency disease, and Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins contain Vitamin MePA. Therefore, the three-disease mathematical model says that, if the entire U.S. were to begin supplementing Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamins today, a quarter-million lives would be saved each year.

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