What is ‘aging’ in the human body? How does it work? Why does it happen? If aging could be understood, could it be prevented?  These questions have long been pondered. Science today continues to probe into the mystery of aging in the human body. Research groups all over the world are working on these questions.

Dr. Gerald Aardsma has spent decades, as an independent researcher, working on these questions. He has approached aging from a unique perspective, using the lifespan data found in the ancient book of Genesis, and the true nature of Noah’s Flood. As is normal for scientific research, his work has progressed through various stages over the years to arrive at the well-developed theory of aging it is today.

For a scientist, Dr. Aardsma is unusually transparent about his research.  All developments are made public as quickly as possible; nothing is hidden. He feels that proper ethics demands this, even though it makes his reputation vulnerable due to the uncertainties and sudden changes typical of frontier research.  “After all,” he says, “lots of people are dying of the aging disease every day. Is it right to just let these people suffer and die, while we wait until we have the whole story and answers to all of the questions, when what we know at present may well be all they need?”  We publish any and all updates on our social media pages, through the DAV email list (sign up here), and here on this website.

Dr. Aardsma used super-longevity data, found in the early chapters of Genesis, to construct the model that ultimately led to the discovery of two anti-aging vitamins. The biblical account is shown by the model to be accurate and its long life spans are shown to be real.

Dr. Aardsma’s theory is that “aging” is simply a deficiency disease due to dietary insufficiency of two previously unknown vitamins. Vitamin deficiency diseases can be cured by identifying the vitamin that is lacking in the body and including it in the diet.

Dr. Aardsma pinpointed previously unknown vitamin MePA as the first anti-aging vitamin in November of 2015, following decades of intense research. Since September of 2017, hundreds of individuals have supplemented vitamin MePA in their diets. Many and varied apparent health benefits have been reported by some of these individuals. These benefits include increased rate of healing, better sleep, reduction in headaches/migraines, lowered insulin doses for diabetes, increased heart function, relief of asthma, greater psychological stability, and much more. Like other vitamins, vitamin MePA appears to affect multiple areas of physical and mental health.

A second vitamin, MePiA, was discovered by Dr. Aardsma in July of 2019. Lab tests have shown this second vitamin to have life-lengthening results with mice. This vitamin is an antioxidant, which fits in with a prominent theory of aging by a well-known scientist, Denham Harman (MD, PhD). Hundreds of individuals have been supplementing Vitamin MePiA in their diets since July of 2019 (now packaged together with MePA in one convenient dropper bottle).

Vitamins MePA and MePiA are the first new vitamins to be discovered since 1947. The human body needs these vitamins in order to be able to function properly, just as it needs all the other vitamins. These two vitamins were present in the water humans drank prior to Noah’s Flood, but were gradually lost from drinking water after the flood. There is no known natural source of these vitamins today.  This is why humans lived so much longer before the flood than they do today.

Initially, Dr. Aardsma believed that the two nutritional deficiency diseases resulting from lack of these two vitamins in the human diet were all there was to modern human aging. The initial publications and communications about the vitamins discoveries were written from this perspective, from 2017 to early 2020. But, as is the nature of emerging science, Dr. Aardsma’s further research overturned this expectation.  Dr. Aardsma’s research continued to show that the anti-aging vitamins are the root cause of human aging and that they are absolutely vital to the human body.  But developments in the research during the spring of 2020 revealed that there is yet another component to human aging in addition to these two vitamin deficiency diseases.

Dr. Aardsma’s research showed that modern human aging is actually a two phase syndrome. The lack of vitamin MePiA during Phase I causes a mitochondrial genetic disease to develop in Phase II.  Dr. Aardsma calls this genetic disease “Aging 2”. Progression of this induced genetic disease is the primary cause of aging deaths. Dietary supplementation with MePiA allows this genetic disease to heal, but healing of this mitochondrial disease is very slow, lasting decades. 

Dr. Aardsma estimates that Aging 2 disease sets in very early on today in the absence of dietary supplementation of the anti-aging vitamins. Although no external physical signs of aging are present in the first two decades of life, theory indicates that vitamin MePiA deficiency induces Aging 2 disease probably in the early teen years or sooner today. This places new emphasis on the urgency of dietary supplementation with the anti-aging vitamins not just in one’s senior years, but throughout life.

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To fully understand the path that has led to these discoveries, and the status of the research today, it is necessary to read the following materials:
  1. A New Approach to the Chronology of Biblical History from Abraham to Samuel. (pdf download)
  2. The Exodus Happened 2450 B.C. (pdf download)
  3. The Flood Happened 3520 B.C.
  4. Aging: Cause and Cure. (pdf download)
  5. Addendum to Aging: Cause and Cure (pdf download)
  6. The Biblical Chronologist, Volume 10, Number 8- “Human Aging is a Two Phase Disease” (pdf download)


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