by Gerald Aardsma; June 5, 2018

About a year after I had begun to take vitamin MePA, I noticed that asthma-like symptoms had abated. These had started to appear a few years earlier (my late 50s) and had been slowly intensifying. They seemed to be triggered mainly by dust.

I never thought to discuss these symptoms with our family doctor, even though it was a bit of a lifestyle problem for me. I am an avid hobby gardener of small fruits and vegetables, and working the soil on the Illinois prairie is frequently a dusty business. So this difficulty was never officially diagnosed as asthma, which is why I refer to the problem as “asthma-like symptoms.”

Here are my notes on my experience with this from my laboratory notebook.

2016/11/12 My asthma-like symptoms seem to have let up. I started carrying mini tootsie rolls in my pocket many months ago. I used these as a quick fix when asthma-like symptoms appeared. I would cough to try to clear my throat, but it would not help and I would end up coughing more and then feeling like I couldn’t breath. I would begin to suck on a tootsie roll, and this would soothe my throat and stop the problem. I haven’t had to use the tootsie rolls from my pocket for several months now.

The relief of these asthma-like symptoms was most welcome. Feeling like your throat is closing off and you will soon not be able to breath is not pleasant.

I suspected that this relief was due to MePA, but I could not be sure. I had been taking MePA at one microgram per day, somewhat intermittently, since late November of 2015. (Note that this is half a drop of Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamin MePA Dietary Supplement.) I needed some confirming evidence. Unfortunately, I was the only person in the world taking the vitamin at the time, so I had nobody to compare notes with. This was remedied this morning when my oldest daughter, Jennifer, sent me the following report on her husband Steve.


by Jennifer Hall; June 4, 2018

Steve is the 42-year-old son-in-law of Dr. Aardsma. He began taking Dr. Aardsma’s Vitamin MePA Dietary Supplement, at 1–2 drops per day, on October 19, 2017.

Steve developed asthma as an adult. Around 2004, at approximately age 28, he began to have fairly severe trouble with breathing, especially during any moderate/heavy physical activity and during rainy/damp/cold weather. He got a prescription at that time for “Singulair” and also purchased over-the-counter inhalers that he would use when the trouble got severe.

In 2006, when we moved to a different house, his asthma improved somewhat. His wheezing was not as severe. He only had to use an inhaler on rare occasions. However, he would still feel his asthma start to flare up and would start wheezing from various triggers such as exposure to mold, exposure to pollen, animal dander, physical activity in cold or rainy weather, and heavy physical exertion. We just got used to it as something he would have to “live with.” We tried to avoid triggers.

In seeming relation to the asthma, Steve would also suffer with bad seasonal allergies, mainly in the spring.

When he started taking vitamin MePA, we did not expect or even think that it would have an affect on his asthma. Now, a full seven months later, it seems that MePA has positively affected (possibly cured?) Steve’s asthma. He has had no trouble at all with restricted breathing or wheezing since the time he started on MePA. His breathing has been completely clear. We have now come through both the cold winter season and the springtime allergy season.

He has not suffered with any seasonal allergies at all this spring. We have been told by others that this has been a bad allergy season.

Steve also had trouble with losing his voice in the past. It was a constant source of frustration to him, as a minister, that he would so easily lose his voice especially on Sundays. He would have to clear his throat constantly. Now, his voice seems to be stronger and deeper. He hasn’t complained about losing his voice in months. He has been teaching on Sunday evenings and his voice sounds strong and healthy—such a contrast to the way his voice was for years. Maybe the voice trouble was related to the asthma trouble?

On March 12, 2018, I sent a video and this message to my family messaging group:

I am sending this video because this is an amazing testimony for MePA. Here you will see Steve roughhousing with the kids. This is something he hasn’t been able to do, literally for years, without his asthma flaring up. He would get so short of breath that he would have to stop after just a few minutes. He would be wheezing for hours afterwards. He did this for probably 10 minutes this morning and NO asthma trouble AT ALL. He is amazed and says this is the biggest change he has noticed [since starting to take Vitamin MePA]. Steve was also out in the cold and snow [that same day], sledding with the kids, walking up the hill repeatedly, etc. That kind of thing, especially in the cold, has also caused him to have asthma attacks in the past.

On March 17, 2018, I sent this:

Steve helped a family move yesterday morning for several hours, then played wallyball with the teens yesterday evening. He feels good. Not even tired last night or this morning. No asthma trouble either from the wallyball.


It appears that vitamin MePA alleviates or cures asthma in some individuals.

See the August 5, 2018 letter in the “Correspondence: vitamin MePA” section of the biblical chronologist website for further testimonial data on Steve’s asthma, specifically, return of symptoms coincident with brief cessation of vitamin MePA supplementation.

Further Evidence: September 9, 2018

The following is from the Joey, Jr. testimonial, written by his wife, Rachel.

The biggest change we have noticed is in regard to Joey’s allergies. He has struggled with terrible allergies all his life, his worst being to dust, pollen, and freshly cut grass. Spring and summer have always been rough seasons for him. He would take a daily preventative allergy medication, and would take two others as needed. This summer, we noticed that his allergies had disappeared. We wondered if his preventative medication was making a big difference, but as time went on without an allergic reaction, he stopped taking it. He has not taken any allergy medication now for two months, and he just came in from an afternoon mowing and trimming our lawn with absolutely no reaction. This has been wonderful for him and means we can enjoy the outdoors without being on guard against a random allergic reaction.