Does MePA Fight COVID-19?

For seven years (1995-2002) Dr. Aardsma published a series of newsletters called The Biblical Chronologist, containing reports on the progress of his research. Dr. Aardsma has recently begun digital publication of this resource again. Click the button below to read the March 28, 2020 issue– Does MePA Fight COVID-19? READ NEWSLETTER Other articles by Dr. Gerald …

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Do the Anti-Aging Vitamins Really Help With Fatigue?

An individual wrote to Dr. Aardsma about his experience with greatly reduced fatigue, quickly after beginning to supplement Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins in his daily diet. Dr. Aardsma responded: Both theory and experience support the probability that the reduced fatigue you are experiencing is due to the anti-aging vitamins. The theory is quite simple.  It …

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A Radical New Concept

“Edison’s task in inventing and establishing the first electric lighting plant in New York in September, 1882, was immense. It involved not only the construction of absolutely new forms of machinery and apparatus, but it also involved the problems of laying the necessary wires, of originating methods and apparatus for regulating and subdividing the current, …

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A Startling New Idea

“Could the whole world move without anyone feeling it? Four hundred years ago in Europe, people were asking that question because a handful of thinkers and scientists had come up with a startling new idea. Earth, they said, moved around the sun. That idea does not seem strange today, but back then it was shocking. …

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