A Startling New Idea

“Could the whole world move without anyone feeling it?

Four hundred years ago in Europe, people were asking that question because a handful of thinkers and scientists had come up with a startling new idea. Earth, they said, moved around the sun. That idea does not seem strange today, but back then it was shocking. Everyone KNEW that Earth didn’t move— it was the sun that moved. You could see it with your own eyes. Each morning the sun rose above the horizon in the east…

People everywhere were familiar with the movements of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. All of these heavenly bodies appeared to revolve, or move in a circle, around Earth, which stood still. The idea that Earth could be revolving around the sun, and not the sun around Earth, seemed to go against common sense.”

-Stefoff, Rebecca. The Sun and the Earth. New York, Cavendish Square Publishing, 2014.

The concept of aging as a curable disease is a startling new idea for many people today. Everyone KNOWS aging is just a natural part of life, right? Many feel that it goes against common sense to say that aging is actually a vitamin deficiency disease of two previously unknown vitamins.

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