A General Theory of Aging: Part I

For seven years (1995-2002) Dr. Aardsma published a series of newsletters called The Biblical Chronologist, containing reports on the progress of his research. Dr. Aardsma has recently begun digital publication of this resource again. Click below to read the February 12, 2020 issue– A General Theory of Aging: Part I

(Click here to read Part 2)

2 thoughts on “A General Theory of Aging: Part I”

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  2. Valorie Sutterfield

    The Bible has taught me that man was created to live for hundreds of years but the human lifespan dropped off after the Flood. Because of man’s sin, only Noah and his family were saved and the rest of the world was destroyed. I used to think a shorter lifespan was a judgment of God for man’s sinfulness. But, if that is the case, why is God allowing us a second chance at long life?

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