Do the Anti-Aging Vitamins Really Help With Fatigue?

An individual wrote to Dr. Aardsma about his experience with greatly reduced fatigue, quickly after beginning to supplement Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins in his daily diet.

Dr. Aardsma responded:

Both theory and experience support the probability that the reduced fatigue you are experiencing is due to the anti-aging vitamins.

The theory is quite simple.  It goes as follows.

  1. Vitamins are, by definition, essential to health.  Take any vitamin out of your diet for a long enough period of time and you will get sick.  Leave that vitamin out of your diet yet longer and you will die of that sickness.  This is a fact.
  2. Because the anti-aging vitamins, MePA and MePiA, are vitamins, another fact is that a human, like yourself, who has not included these vitamins in his diet for some six decades is, whether he knows it or not, a seriously sick human.  (He is not “old” or “gettting old”, he is sick and getting sicker.)  If he continues to leave the anti-aging vitamins out of his diet, a vast body of evidence shows that his sickness will most certainly result in death, very probably before he has accrued another two decades of life.
  3. Another fact is that many of the vitamin deficiency sicknesses display fatigue as a prominent symptom.
  4. A final fact is that many (not all) of the symptoms of vitamin deficiency sicknesses reverse very rapidly when the missing vitamin is restored to the diet.
  5. Thus, theory is supportive of the possibility that the rapid resolution of the chronic fatigue which you have described, following inclusion of the anti-aging vitamins in your diet, is, in fact, due to the anti-aging vitamins.

Experience is even simpler.

  1. Others have experienced the same thing: a rapid reduction in chronic fatigue coincident with commencement of inclusion of one (MePA) or both (MePiA and MePA) of the anti-aging vitamins in their diet.

Thank you for sharing your observational data with me.

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