Vitamin MePiA Cures Aging 2

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Summary of the Biblical Chronologist Newsletter
Volume 10, Number 17  |  Summary by Joshua S. Hall
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Vitamin MePiA Cures Aging 2

In this issue, Dr. Aardsma presents evidence that vitamin MePiA cures Aging 2. This is good news because it means that, taken together, the anti-aging vitamins MePA and MePiA cure all three of the aging diseases: Aging 0, Aging 1, and Aging 2. Thus, Dr. Aardsma’s Anti-Aging Vitamins dietary supplement provides a total cure for aging.

Dr. Aardsma points out that in order to cure Aging 2, restoration of mtDNA with normal-length psephomeres is required. This appears to be possible. He theorizes that the body’s own healing mechanisms, when armed with an adequate provision of vitamin MePiA, can bring about this needed restoration. His evidence for this is based upon 1) his theory of Aging 2 and 2) the temporary reversal of aging which Noah experienced during the Spike, an interval lasting 69 years following the Flood during which the natural abundance of MePiA was very high, guaranteeing that the body was getting all the MePiA it could use. According to Dr. Aardsma’s complete theory of aging, Noah’s aging reversal was due to his psephomeres increasing in average length during the Spike. If this is the case, says Dr. Aardsma, then Noah’s stem cells must have been capable of producing new cells containing mtDNA with longer psephomeres. This shows us that the body’s stem cell psephomeres must either shorten more slowly, or not all, relative to normal body cells. And if this is the case, then it means that once enough vitamin MePiA has been introduced into the body to halt free-radical destruction of mtDNA, old Aging 2 diseased cells can slowly be replaced by healthy cells furnished by the stem cells, thus curing Aging 2. You may be wondering, “If Noah did not yet have Aging 2 when the Spike happened, how do we know that what he experienced will be the same thing we who have Aging 2 will experience?” The answer lies in the fact that, according to Dr. Aardsma’s theory, mtDNA regain their psephomeres by replacement, not regrowth. A cell with worn-out mtDNA does not regrow its psephomeres, but is simply replaced by a different, newer cell containing longer psephomeres. So it shouldn’t matter if one has short psephomeres or no psephomeres. If the destruction of mtDNA due to lack of MePiA is slowed enough or halted, then the body ought to be able to replace zeroed-psephomere cells with long-psephomere, healthy cells.

However, longer psephomeres, by themselves, will not entirely heal the body of aging. Not only must the psephomeres be restored, but also the rest of the mtDNA molecule needs to be restored to its original (healthy) condition. All the while mtDNA are Aging 2 diseased (i.e., having no psephomeres), they produce copy errors, which in turn produce genetic mutations (genetic errors). These genetic errors become genetic diseases and malfunctions. As the years go by, these diseases and malfunctions continue to become more and more widespread within the organism. Whether or not, and at what point, this spreading becomes too much to be “cleaned up” by MePiA is unclear. What is clear is that the younger a person is when beginning to supplement with MePiA, the better the chances of a complete cure of Aging 2 plus its induced mtDNA genetic error diseases and malfunctions.

Dr. Aardsma writes: “The expectation is that if the cell replacement rate is faster than the spread-of-disease rate, then the disease will heal (if the organism doesn’t die of accumulated damage first). In the absence of MePiA, the damage rate far exceeds the replacement rate, with early death the result. The expectation is that with saturation intake levels of MePiA, the damage rate will drop nearly to zero, allowing normal cellular replacement rate to far exceed damage rate, with extreme longevity the result.”

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. Taking adequate amounts of MePiA will slow the progression of this spreading of genetic mutation disease and malfunction. This is known because adequate intake of MePiA will reduce or eliminate free-radical damage. This will reduce or eliminate the excessive copying of mtDNA needed to replace free-radical damaged mtDNA. Excessive copying of mtDNA is how mtDNA-copy-error disease intensifies and spreads.
  2. (Quote from Dr. Aardsma): “If the progression of this mess doesn’t kill one first, adequate cellular levels of MePiA will ultimately eliminate Aging 2 (i.e., zeroed psephomeres) from one’s body, curing both Aging 2 and its associated mtDNA mutations. This will not happen overnight. Depending on one’s age when one begins to supplement with vitamin MePiA, it may take decades or even centuries. But it will happen.”

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